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SF Weekly Critic Under Fire for Comment in Locol Review

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Chef/owner Roy Choi blasted critic Pete Kane on Twitter

Roy Choi (center) at Locol
Roy Choi (center) at Locol
Patricia Chang

Chef Roy Choi tweeted concern over a phrase used in SF Weekly restaurant critic Pete Kane’s review of Oakland fast food joint Locol, which Choi opened with partner Daniel Patterson last month. In the review, Kane complains about the volume, writing in part, "hearing my pasty ass kvetch about the volume level at a restaurant staffed by teenagers of color makes me feel hopelessly aged, even when the music they're blasting is '90s R&B that hit the charts before they were born."

The phrase "teenagers of color," was what stood out to Choi, who swiftly called Kane out on Twitter.

Kane has since updated the story, with a note that reads,

"Note: After running it by some friends whose judgment I trust, this story has been updated to delete a self-deprecating passage that struck some readers as being in poor taste. Errors of clarity fall on the writer, so I apologize: First for being glib and ambiguous, second for the unfortunate timing of people reading a food review that included a lame joke about me being a white goofball on a day when everyone is also reading about Alton Sterling's murder, and third for even the insinuation that something was awry with respect to my interaction with LocoL's staff. I had mixed feelings about the restaurant overall, but the staff rocks."


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