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Popular Korean Barbecue Spot Delivers the Experience to Your Home, Grill and All

Get the meat sweats while wearing your sweatpants

Gen Delivers
Gen Delivers

The Bay Area’s Korean barbecue scene is a never-ending source of controversy, especially when it’s compared to the seemingly endless, quality options found in Los Angeles. Now Gen Korean BBQ House, an all-you-can-eat Los Angeles-based chain, is making those options available to the entire state of California with its new delivery service, Gen Delivers.

Though there is currently one Gen Korean BBQ House located in San Jose for immediate gratification, KBBQ fans can place orders online for fresh pork, beef, and chicken, by the pound, sides, and even a grill. The sample platter seems like the best plan, offering seven of the restaurant’s most popular meats, all the sides, and and wraps for two-four diners ($45).

After ordering online, the meats arrive at your doorstep as soon as the next day, packed in dry ice and ready to grill. It’s one way to mitigate long lines at the brick-and-mortar location, which is consistently packed; in fact, Gen’s reps tell Eater that San Jose’s location is its busiest location.

But, if smoking up your home with grilled meats isn’t your idea of a good time, the company will soon open a second Bay Area location in Milpitas. Stay tuned for more details on that opening.