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Bidding Adieu to Michel Richard, Biondivino Goes South and More A.M. Intel


Saying goodbye to a legendary chef

Sad news this weekend: Saturday the culinary world lost a legend as French chef Michel Richard passed away after complications from a stroke. The Brittany-born chef, 68, garnered critical acclaim over the years for Citronelle in D.C.; he also opened the short-lived Bistro M in San Francisco in the mid-90s, as well as an offshoot of his L.A.-based Citrus. The beloved chef was influential in the careers of many in the Bay Area (and beyond). Here are some remembrances on Twitter:

Monsieur Michel Richard.. R.I.P

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Today we celebrate the life of an incredible chef who was truly "larger than life." His passion and "joie de vivre" was...

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Popular SF wine shop trickles Southward

Russian Hill’s popular Italian wine shop, Biondivino, is expanding to Palo Alto. The new shop will be twice the size, and include much more refrigeration for white, rosé, and sparkling wine— always a good thing. Owner Ceri Smith hopes to get the new location up and running by October, which is just in time for Bay Area’s rosé season.

Dunkin’ Donuts opens to massive lines in Half Moon Bay

Once again, people are freaking out about a Dunkin’ Donuts opening, this time in Half Moon Bay. East Coast transplants were actually starting to queue up at 10 p.m. the night before, for a 6 a.m. opening. Hope those Boston Kremes were worth it, guys.

Specs ain’t goin’ nowhere

Though neighboring dive bar Mr. Bing’s wasn’t so lucky, Specs’s Twelve Adler Museum is going strong after securing a place as one of SF’s first businesses to receive the designation as a legacy business. That means the business will receive grants to help it stay open, and was able to sign a 10-year lease (versus the typical five). Owner Richard “Specs” Simmons threw a bash in honor of the status, as well as his 88th birthday, on Sunday night, with oysters, pasta and charcuterie to mark the occasion. Cheers!

Jacques Pepin is a party animal

After catching up with Eater SF before his demo at the Ferry Building last week, Jacques Pepin has been on a straight-up party rampage, heading North to Napa for a candlelit dinner at Robert Sinskey Vineyards’s 30th anniversary celebration. The 80-year-old chef has been in town for his book tour, and the launch of his chicken-art-covered line for Sur la Table.

@winetemptress ・・・ Candle light dinner. #30yearsinwine #robertsinskeyvineyards @rsvnapa

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Don’t mess with our right to free haircut booze

Uh, chill California. Apparently there’s a fight brewing in the California legislature about the right of hair salons to provide free beer and wine to patrons. The “DryBar Bill,” so-called after the popular salon chain that offers a glass of white wine to guests, was passed last year, and allows the practice; now it’s being challenged. Plenty of places around town offer a little snoot-full, from Hamm’s to pinot grigio; stay tuned as the state decides how much booze will fuel your salon gossip sesssions.

Andrew Zimmern wants to tell you about his “food woody”

Check out the Eater Upsell, a podcast where Eater goes deep with chefs like David Kinch and Alton Brown. The newest edition is a talk with Andrew Zimmern, who has more than a few juicy tidbits to share.