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Burger Joint Planned for Bayview’s Mendell Plaza

It’s waiting on city approval

A rendering of the proposed building
A rendering of the proposed building

When it comes to restaurant development, Bayview’s Third Street has been on fire this year, with restaurant sales-tax revenues growing 135 percent in just the last year. Now trying to cash in on that revenue is Bishop’s Burgers, a burger joint that has applied to take over 4801 Third St. in Mendell Plaza.

According to an application from architects G7A, the owners (mysteriously referred to as the Bishop family) want to tear down the current structure and rebuild a 750-square-foot building in Mendell Plaza with a walk-up window and retractable awning. If approved, Bishop’s Burgers would open early for coffee and breakfast, transitioning into a classic burger joint later in the day.

Bishop’s Burger would join community anchors including Old Skool Cafe, Radio Africa Kitchen, and Auntie April's, and be located right next door to the Bayview Opera House and Mendell Plaza community garden. Stay tuned for more details on the application.