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The Stud Has Been Saved, and More A.M. Intel

Plus, chefs for Hillary, an update on the deceased Sons & Daughters line cook, more

Exterior of The Stud in SoMa Google Maps

The Stud has been saved

After getting its rent tripled, iconic SoMa gay bar The Stud was in danger of closing. But a co-op of 15 drag queens, DJs, performers, LGBT business leaders, and more has swooped in to save the day. The co-op is purchasing the bar from owner Michael McElhaney in hopes to secure a reasonable lease, Tablehopper reports.

Fog City’s Bruce Hill is a “chef for Hillary”

The Hillary Clinton campaign has rolled out a new initiative inviting chefs to endorse her with recipes. Called Chefs for Hillary, the idea is to encourage supporters to cook at home and gather friends in support of Hillary. Several high-profile chefs nationwide have participated so far like Mario Batali and Katie Lee, as well as Fog City and Picco’s Bruce Hill here in SF.

Sons & Daughters line cook death reclassified as “suspicious”

The death of Frank Galicia, the Sons & Daughters line cook found last week in Westfield Centre, has now been reclassified by the SF police department as “suspicious” rather than a homicide. There are no further details available, but this reclassification does not rule out a homicide, The Chronicle reports.

DoorDash has launched alcohol delivery in San Francisco

Good news for those out there who don’t want to leave the couch for a drink: DoorDash, a food delivery app, launches alcohol delivery in SF today. The premise behind it is working with local restaurants for the right food and drink pairings, so the meal you order will come with the appropriately-paired beverage. Restaurants like Duboce Park Café, Bask, Phil’s Sliders, Bonchon Chicken, Curry Up Now, and Buttermilk Southern Chicken have signed up so far.