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Pizzetta 211 Team to Open Seafood Spot Next Door

Expect lots of housemade pasta and fish come summer 2017

The new space
The new space
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The tiny-but-mighty essential pizzeria Pizzetta 211 has been rocking and rolling dough in the Outer Richmond since 1999, and owner Jack Murphy is ready to try something new. Murphy, chef Mel Lopez, and four other employees are taking over the laundromat next door to open a seafood-focused Mediterranean restaurant in the 2,000-square-foot space. Murphy approached his employees with the chance to invest as a way for them to grow “before we all decided to move on,” Lopez told Eater. Murphy will handle daily operations and Lopez is heading up the food.

The team hasn’t yet settled on a name, but are looking at a seafood-focused menu centered around a wood-fired oven and family-style options. Small plates should run under $15, with entrees and housemade pastas between $22 and $30. “We want people to be able to get out under $50,” Lopez said. The team is trying to get a liquor license, which has so far been “difficult.”

“It’s a complete buildout because it’s a laundromat right now,” Lopez said. “We’re in the process of architecture and floor plans right now.” She anticipates an early summer 2017 opening. Stay tuned for more details.