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Fire at the Ferry Building, a Bartender Biter on the Loose, and More A.M. Intel

Five things to know today

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Ferry Building

Small fire at the Ferry Building

The Ferry Building caught on fire Monday morning, with smoke billowing from the roof that reportedly came from a cooking fire in one of the restaurants, The Chronicle reports. The one-alarm fire was doused by 7:57 a.m., and there were no injuries, so all appears status quo — AKA your meat cones are safe.

Fiorella settles into a new chef

Grace Sager

Fiorella, the quietly excellent seven-month-old Italian restaurant in the Outer Richmond, has a new chef in charge. Dante Cecchini is now helming the stoves of this neighborhood pizza and pasta shop, after joining from Plaj and Marlowe. Fiorella has revamped the menus in the last few months with some of his family recipes — which you can see in full below — but the food is still that same casual Italian fare.

Bartender loses a finger in the Marina

Back in July, a Marina bartender was assaulted in a brawl that resulted in an unknown suspect going full Mike Tyson and biting his or her finger off. Not kidding. The suspect is still at large, so police released video of the guy. Though they don’t say which bar specifically, Eater suspects it to be Silver Cloud, based on very scientific Google image comparisons. See for yourself what the suspect looks like here.

That damn domoic acid is back

Just when you thought Bay Area seafood was once again safe, poisonous rock crabs and bivalve shellfish (clams, oysters, mussels, scallops) have emerged. Specifically, state public health officials are warning against eating rock crabs caught in Half Moon Bay and bivalve shellfish and rock crabs caught in Monterey Bay, SF Gate reports. That’s because the Bay Area scourge domoic acid is back in dangerous amounts.

Some real Ted Allen talk

Food Network personality Ted Allen has no shortage of things going on — he’s a writer, cookbook author, and Emmy-award-winning host — and he sat down with Eater to chat it all. Head on over here for a listen.