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Authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria to Boost Berkeley’s Pizza Scene

Called Lucia’s, the owners want it to have a Brooklyn vibe

Lucia's Steve Dumain

The East Bay certainly has an abundance of excellent pizza, but beyond A16, there is a shortage of true Neapolitan spots. Enter Lucia’s, which will soon be opening next door to Comal and focusing on that bubbly, doughy crust seen locally at places like Del Popolo and Una Pizza Napoletana. Steve Dumain, Alessandro Uccelli, and their significant others are partners on the project, with Bay Area newcomer Dumain bringing a lifetime of restaurant experience and Uccelli, an Italy native and 10-year Bay Area resident, overseeing the authenticity.

The team is developing the menu themselves, and they’ve brought an Italian pizzaiolo on board to oversee the double-zero-flour pies, which will be cooked in a Stefano Ferrara oven shipped in from Naples (the same one Del Popolo uses at its Nob Hill brick-and-mortar). In a healthy twist, there will also be fifty live sprouted grain dough pizzas available each day, a method that appeals to the gluten-averse population. Other menu items include charcuterie, mozzarella en carrozza, and soft serve local buffalo milk gelato, as well as some vegan pizzas and items, all sourced from the restaurant’s own Oakland garden plot and local farmers and purveyors.

For now, drinks will be Californian and Italian wines, as well as local beer — the team is applying for a full liquor license for the bar in the 75-seat space. Dumain is overseeing the design of the space, pulling from his fashion background as creative director at brands like Tory Burch and Stuart Weitzman. “I'm trying to bring a Brooklyn vibe, which will come down to the design of the space, the music we play, the relaxed atmosphere we have,” Dumain told Eater. “It will be subtle, but special.” He’s planning a open, very white space with a concrete floor, plus a Mondrian-inspired wall. There will also be custom-designed comic strip wallpaper in the bathroom.

Lucia’s will be open in September, daily from 5 p.m. to late. Stay tuned for more details.


2016 Shattuck ave., Berkeley, CA 94704