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Drake’s Brewing Co. Unveils Expansion With New Sacramento Beer Garden, More

Year 27 is a big one for Drake’s

Drake’s in San Leandro
Drake’s in San Leandro
Drake’s Brewing Co./Facebook

With 30 looming just around the corner (it’s turning 27 this year), Drake’s Brewing Co. has realized it’s time to get serious about the future. That means: an expanded brewhouse, more specialty beers, and a new Sacramento beer garden — they’re not messing around. Here are all the details.

San Leandro Brewhouse Expansion

After growing so large that production couldn’t keep up with demand, the founding San Leandro brewhouse has tripled in size to add a new brewhouse, fermentation cellar, and a packaging warehouse. The original space will now focus solely on experimentation and specialty beers, plus there’s an all-new 11,000-square-foot space called The OAK Project that will be dedicated just to sour barrel aging, specifically wild fermentation in oak barrels using local fruits like cherries, apricots, and wine grapes.

With all this additional space, the brand will expand its portfolio, adding two new six-pack brands, a variety pack, plus more than a dozen new seasonal and limited-run bottled brews. Now that this yearlong expansion is about to be done, tours of the new brewhouse will start up on September 7, plus there are more than 25 beers on tap there now, as well as exclusive bottled releases.

Sacramento Beer Garden Opening

On top of all the San Leandro going ons, Drake’s will open a Sacramento beer garden called The Barn. When it opens in early 2017, the 8,025-square-foot space will be like the Oakland Drake’s Dealership, with a full-service taproom, beer garden, shade park, and fire pits. Drake’s Dealership’s executive chef Taylor A. Smith will also handle the food there, with a focus on local produce and grab-and-go items.

The Barn sits along West Sacramento’s River Walk and will host events at night put on by Off the Grid, with food trucks, music, and drinks. During the day, the space will serve as a cafe with coffee and snacks (and welcomes dogs).

27th Birthday Blowout

To celebrate it all, on August 26, the San Leandro brewery will throw a 27th birthday party from 4 p.m to 9 p.m. with tastes of new beer (every hour brings a new tap), live music, barbecue, and more; get tickets here.