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Vegan Protest Loudly Interrupts Eat Drink SF 2016 Merriment

There was a naked man wrapped in cellophane and fake blood

The protestors
Protestors at Eat Drink SF
Stefanie Tuder

Eat Drink SF, the annual celebration of all things food and drink in San Francisco, went down this weekend to great success — for the most part. Over the course of three days, thousands of people dined and drank the best the Bay Area has to offer at four grand tasting events in the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion. At the final grand tasting on Sunday afternoon, though, Bay Area animal activism group Direct Action Everywhere led a protest in front of the pavilion as attendees entered the tasting around 12:30 p.m.

For one hour, more than a dozen members chanted, “It’s not food, it’s violence,” as a naked man lay splayed out, covered in cellophane and fake blood, pictured above. “By having an actual human in what was made to resemble a meat container, we hope to make the point that just as he has friends, families, loved ones, and a life he loves that he doesn't want to lose, so do animals,” Direct Action Everywhere press coordinator Zach Groff told Eater SF.

Police officers watched over the peaceful protest as event organizers attempted to ignore the intruders. “It’s always useful to have lively conversations around food and why it matters, and we were prepared and designated a safe space for them,” event organizer Golden Gate Restaurant Association executive director Gwyneth Borden told Eater SF. “We obviously don't agree, but it’s their constitutional right to protest.”

The Bay Area is no stranger to animal rights protests; when the foie gras ban was overturned in January 2015, PETA took to protesting outside One Market.

For a look at what went down the rest of the weekend, take a look at the below video.