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Chef Richie Nakano Hints at New Restaurant, and More A.M. Intel

Plus, Old Bus Tavern’s chef is out and more

Richie Nakano
Richie Nakano

Some news on the Richie Nakano front

It’s been a little over a year since chef Richie Nakano opened and then quickly shuttered Hapa Ramen, with a side of drama attached. Since then, he’s been working for the Delfina Restaurant Group, and — of course — sounding off online about whatever food topic happens to be trending. His latest interaction with the press has revealed some interesting info: He’s looking to potentially open a restaurant in the Outer Sunset, where he lives. “Nothing concrete” is in the works, he told Hoodline, but he’s been casually looking at spaces for a neighborhood ramen joint. The other option he’s considering is leaving San Francisco. We’ll be anxiously awaiting his decision, but in the meantime, he’s planning some pop-ups this fall. Stay tuned.

Old Bus Tavern is down a chef

Opening chef Max Snyder has decided to move on from Old Bus Tavern, the low-key Bernal Heights beer bar with elevated food, to return home to Texas, Inside Scoop reports. The owners are on the lookout for a replacement, during which time sous chef Peter Dumas is steering the ship.

The Mid-Market conversation continues

Mid-Market’s been a hot topic these past few weeks with the sudden open-and-close of Oro and Cadence, and likely Bon Marche, which is now for sale. The SF Business Times takes a look at what could work there, and comes to the conclusion everyone already knows: fast casual.

Oakland’s Kwik Way to become apartments

What has become a familiar story to Bay Area residents is playing out yet again at Oakland’s Kwik Way Drive-In, the decades-old diner that is now in disrepair. Plans are in motion to turn it into a five-story housing and retail development, according to The Chronicle. This time around, though, neighbors don’t seem to mind.