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Pal’s Takeaway Finds New Home in Forage Kitchen

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It’s a brand-new coworking space in Oakland


It’s been a transient few months for Pal’s Takeaway, the inventive pop-up sandwich shop from Jeff Mason that settled down for a few months inside Firebrand Bakery. After leaving in June to avoid having to offer full brunch and dinner, Mason has found a new home for Pal’s Takeaway. Called Forage Kitchen, it’s a new coworking kitchen space in Uptown Oakland for chefs and artisans to make their goods in a professional space with business support.

There’s a cafe component, too, to showcase the people working there and the goods they make, and it will rotate its offerings. First up is Pal’s Takeaway, and in addition to sandwich favorites like the popular deep-fried lao sausage, there will also be rotisserie, in collaboration with Forage Kitchen founder Iso Rabins.

Rabins (forageSF) and Matt Johansen (Biergarten) started Forage Kitchen as a way to support local food producers and offer them business support, an affordable place to work, and connections to local farmers. Additionally, the Food Craft Institute is relocating to the space to offer its classes there. Businesses must apply to work in the kitchen, which will also serve as an event space. There are different offerings, ranging from 100 hours a month for $2,500 to ten hours on Sundays for $99 a month.

Forage Kitchen will be open daily for its members from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m., and the cafe will be open for lunch.

Forage Kitchen

478 25th St, Oakland, CA 94612, USA