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Spaghetti Bros.’ Customers Confused by Name, So Owners Change It

It’s now Maybeck’s

Spaghetti Bros Patricia Chang

Spaghetti Bros. in the Marina is rethinking its paradoxical moniker. Owners Aaron Toensing and Erik Lowe opened the Italian restaurant ten months ago, and it hasn’t quite caught on in the neighborhood or beyond. In fact, regulars apparently couldn’t get their friends to come in because they thought it would “be like the Spaghetti Factory,” Toensing told Inside Scoop.

Like the name suggests, Spaghetti Bros. does sell spaghetti, but there is also a wider range of offerings, like fried chicken, a burger, and oysters. There are white tablecloths on the dining room tables, which the casual name definitely did not reflect.

So, they’re changing tack, and the new name will be Maybeck’s. (How this more accurately describes the offerings, we’re not sure, but the owners call it “growing up a little bit.”) The inspiration is Bernard Maybeck, a local architect from the early 20th century who designed the Palace of Fine Arts.

To be clear, the concept is staying the same. The website and social media have not yet reflected the name switch, though a new sign will go up on Tuesday, September 6.