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Historic Jack’s to Become Another Coworking Space Called Bar Works

It will be converted to 400 work areas

Jeanty at Jack's
The Jack’s space
Andrew D./Yelp

Hot on the heels of coworking space Covo’s opening this week, another similar business is entering the market. Called Bar Works, the New York City-based venue is expanding to San Francisco in the historic Jack’s (615 Sacramento St.). The three-story space has been through many owners and incarnations, originally opening as Jack’s in 1864, then becoming Jeanty at Jack’s after it was purchased by Phillippe Jeanty in 2002. After sitting vacant for the past seven years, Bar Works has bought the 6,000-square-foot space (for a cool $3.55 million), transitioning it to 400 work areas for freelancers, travelers, and telecommuting employees. The company aims to open by the end of the year.

There will also be food and drink services in the space, but details are still being worked out. Regardless, Bar Works sees the space less as a restaurant and more as a work space. “In our case, the bar is more an aesthetic than a functional thing,” Bar Works managing director Franklin Kinard told The Chronicle.

Whether San Franciscans enjoy just looking at a bar, or actually working at one, remains to be seen. There are already plenty of alternatives in the city, including the newly-opened Covo, WeWork (in six locations), Galvanize, Workshop Cafe, and more.