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What the Bands Ate at Outside Lands 2016

How the artists stayed fed over the weekend

the view from the stage at outside lands, filled with fans
The hungry masses
Douglas Mason/Getty Images

Because everyone is still getting over their post-festival blues (and hangovers), let’s take an opportunity to call out what the bands ate at this year’s Outside Lands.

  • First and foremost, it seems Major Lazer’s crew was the hungriest, ordering up Little Skillet’s fried chicken with waffles, mac and cheese, and cupcakes, as well as Glaze Teriyaki. They also spun through Choco Lands, snatching up smores from Sharona’s Chocolate Shop.

  • Fred Armisen bellied up to Woodhouse Fish Co. for a lobster roll after his set at the nearby Barbary stage. Owner Dylan MacNiven reports that he was “very nice.”
Dylan MacNiven and Fred Armisen
  • Tacolicious catered for LCD Soundsystem backstage. They had a big crew, some with allergies, and celiac (not a problem for a primarily corn-based restaurant). Co-owner Sara Deseran says “Of course, we had dreams that we'd like be asked to come on stage with James Murphy or something but the reality is we were asked to set up our taco spread and then politely leave the premises.” Maybe next time!
  • Benjamin Andrews of Seattle’s Con Brio feasted on a spicy tofu and kimchi Korean rice bowl from Global Gourmet Catering on Sunday.
  • Dan Harmon (creator of depraved cartoon Rick and Morty, Community, and Adult Swim) was also hungry for sweets after his set at The Barbary stage, ordering a PB cup and chocolate-dipped rice krispy at Sharonas Chocolate Shop. Apparently he loved it so much he left a 30 dollar tip. (He also did some crucial Karaoke at what looks to be Pagoda Cafe in Japantown.)

#GottaHaveFaithFaithFaith BAAAAYYYbeh! @danharmon Gettin down in #Japantown

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  • The Last Shadow Puppets (featuring Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys) chowed down on 15 banh mi sandwiches from Freshroll.

Did we miss anything good? If you saw someone noteworthy chowing down at Outside Lands, drop us a line in the comments.