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Bon Marché Takes a Page Out of The Market’s Book

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Will the gamble pay off?

Bon Marche Patricia Chang

It’s been a roller-coaster of a summer for Bon Marché, the multi-faceted, French-inspired restaurant, brewery, wine bar, and flower shop at the base of the Twitter building. First, it was listed for sale in July, with owner Matt Semmelhack telling Eater SF that he was “dedicated to making sure something good happens in the space, whether it's us or a new operator.” Then, it closed its doors in late August, with Semmelhack remaining mum on the space’s future.

Now, Semmelhack tells SFist “We’re working on filling the space with several smaller food vendors — The Market has been successful in activating that space with more affordable, quick lunch options, so we see that as a good opportunity.” The first vendor is scheduled to open this coming Monday, September 19, though it’s still to be determined who or in what form.

It’s an interesting move, given that its adjoining neighbor, The Market, is already focused on best-in-class food vendors, something Semmelhack himself is readily aware of. Yet, The Market’s head chef (and the general consensus) agrees that fast casual is the future of Mid-Market. The shift seems driven by the same instincts that inspired Fenix, Semmelhack’s casual SoMa Mexican restaurant: a viable business opportunity in a volatile market.

Bon Marché

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