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A.M. Intel: Women Celebrated at Cala and Tartine Manufactory, New Food Emojis, More

Today's most pressing food news

Cala’s kitchen
Cala’s kitchen
Patricia Chang

Cala’s chef/owner named one of Food & Wine's '20 Most Innovative Women'

The latest questionable food world women-only accolade comes from Food & Wine in the form of a list of the “The Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink,” which comes out to about 20 women “who have had the most transformative impact in the past year on what we eat and drink.” San Francisco’s very own Cala chef/owner Gabriela Camara is named.

Tartine Manufactory to feature primarily women-made wine list

In yet another example of how San Francisco is a leader among the food world, Tartine Manufactory’s wine director Vinny Eng, along with co-founder Liz Prueitt, has quietly compiled a wine list of at least 50 percent wines made by, or from wineries co-owned by, women, Punch reports. At least it wasn’t intended to be quiet, but after this piece, the world is listening.

The Apple iPhone update includes some new food “stickers”

Chris Fuhrmeister

Apple’s latest iPhone update (the release of iOS 10) includes several food-related changes, including the ability to book restaurant reservations without leaving an iMessage conversation, as well as some new food “stickers” in the new iMessage app. They’re bigger versions of emoji, and include brands like Whole Foods, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and more.

Local writer offers take on the Bon Appetit pho controversy

After last week’s pho debacle — in which Bon Appetit posted a video of a white chef teaching people how to eat pho (which they positioned as the new ramen) that sparked public outrage and resulted in the brand removing the video and issuing an apology — a local Vietnamese writer has offered her take on the situation.

Presidio Social Club owner expands in the South Bay

From Presidio Social Club owner Ray Tang comes a new Los Gatos restaurant in Old Town Center. It’s still unnamed, but Tang told Inside Scoop it will have “the same DNA as the Presidio Social Club,” which probably means Californian comfort food. It’s slated to open early 2017.

Anchor Distilling opens up Saturday tastings

Anchor Distilling’s rooftop garden
Anchor Distilling’s rooftop garden
Anchor Distilling

The Anchor Distilling tasting room has been open on Thursdays and Fridays since April, but will now open up to Saturdays starting this Saturday, September 17 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tastings include a rooftop garden tour and tastings of six Anchor brands (Junípero Gin, Old Tom Gin, HOPHEAD Vodka, Genevieve Gin, Old Potrero 18th Century Whiskey, and Old Potrero Straight Rye Whiskey). Tickets here.