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Deep Look at Locol, The Morris Approaches, More A.M. Intel

Three things to know before the weekend

Oakland’s Locol
Patricia Chang

“The People’s Cheeseburger”

Over on Eater National, writer Willy Blackmore takes a deep look at the impact of Locol, chefs Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi’s game-changing fast food restaurant. The piece focuses specifically on Los Angeles, but the ideas can be applied to the Oakland location we have. Definitely give this one a read.

The highly-anticipated The Morris opens next week

This smoked duck @themorris_sf last night was madly delicious. Yes, we ordered the whole one. Wouldn't you?

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It’s been a year since it was announced that The Morris would be taking over Slow Club’s space, serving California Mediterranean fare and interesting wine from owner/sommelier Paul Einbund (Frances, Octavia) and chef Gavin Schmidt (Campton Place, Coi) to the neighborhood. Now, The Morris is in preview mode, and has nailed down its opening to sometime next week. Stay tuned for inside photos and menu details.

Vegan mayo company under fire

Silicon Valley vegan mayo company Hampton Creek is feeling the heat after reports surfaced revealing a campaign to buy a significant amount of Just Mayo (a competitor) from supermarkets, seemingly in an attempt to get its product on shelves. Now, Bloomberg has released a feature focusing on the Silicon Valley investor aspect of the whole ordeal. Head here for a read on that.