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False Alarm: Mr. Bing’s Dive Bar Survives Ownership Change

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You’ll still be able to drink on the cheap at this classic dive

The sign is still there though. Eater Archives

July brought news that Mr. Bing’s, the grungy, 50-year-old North Beach drinking institution, had been sold to new owners, and would likely close. The news prompted predictable outrage, and even famed food personality Anthony Bourdain got in on the story, telling Eater SF, “Just another day in the death spiral ... Another good and noble thing, in this case, a fine drinking establishment, ground under the slow, inevitable, pitiless forward motion of the Terrible Wheel. It will consume us all in the end.”

Turns out all the angst was for naught, though. Today, Hoodline reports that the new owners (who also own Irish Bar Ireland’s 32 in the Richmond) purchased the rights to the name, and will simply close in mid-October for some renovations. Namely, the space will be made ADA-compliant and receive floor repairs and a new coat of paint.

But that’s it. That’s the extent of the changes planned to the historically grungy bar, though as bartender Chandra Walker notes, “There are always changes to character. This is what happens with any change of ownership.”

As for the new owner, Pete Cooper, he inscrutably told Hoodline of the changes that, “For those who understand, there is no explanation necessary; for those who don't understand, there is no explanation possible.” Take from that what you will.

Mr. Bing's

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