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Meet Old Bus Tavern’s New Chef, and More A.M. Intel

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Your Friday restaurant world news

Old Bus Tavern
Old Bus Tavern
Patricia Chang
David Zboray
David Zboray
Old Bus Tavern

Old Bus Tavern finds its new chef

After opening chef Max Snyder left Old Bus Tavern over the summer, the low-key Bernal Heights beer bar with elevated food was down a chef. Now, the team announces that David Zboray, who joins most recently from Mourad as its sous chef, will take his place. Though Zboray hasn’t started quite yet, you can preview his food on Sunday, October 9, which includes falafel with crispy chicken skin and harissa yogurt, and a housemade slaw dog (all beef frank, brioche roll, fermented cabbage slaw). The bar will air the presidential debate, then bring in some live music for the occasion.

Chef Suvir Saran’s Mid-Market thoughts

Top Chef Master competitor Suvir Saran shared his two cents on the Mid-Market situation in a blog post. After almost opening a restaurant in the rocky neighborhood, he wrote, “Much time lost, money too, but in end it seems we were being blessed by the powers of the universe. The space remains empty. The Mid-Market neighborhood not performing as well as was expected ... As a dear friend in Pacific Heights said, ‘Honey, you got out just in time!’” You can read the full post here.

P.C.H.’s menu transitions to fall

Kevin Diedrich’s rocking new cocktail bar Pacific Cocktail Haven has a bunch of new cocktails for the fall season, such as the “Manilla Sunshine,” with wheat grass-infused Black Cow Pure Milk vodka, calamansi shrub, Licor 43, and apple juice, or the “Sex Panther Punch,” with Elyx vodka, cacacha, blackberry, yogurt, honey, citrus, and black pepper.

Dunkin’ Donuts gets into the bottled coffee game

Come early 2017, it won’t matter that the Bay Area’s only Dunkin’ Donuts is in Walnut Creek. That’s because the beloved East Coast-based coffee giant is launching bottled coffee come the new year. Get all the details here.