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Joe Biden Makes Essential Grilled Cheese Pit Stop on SF Visit

Important question: Did he have room for ice cream?

Joe Biden surrounded by grilled cheese
Never get between a man and his grilled cheese
Shutterstock/Ellen Fort

It’s official: vice president Joe Biden is obsessed with The Melt. The evidence? The last two times he’s been in town, he has gone out of his way to eat grilled cheese from the melted cheese purveyor. The latest was just yesterday, January 9, when he took time out of his busy schedule to stop at the SoMa location for what has turned out to be his regular order: a grilled cheese with tomato and a chocolate shake.

Vice President Biden is in San Francisco for the JP Morgan Health Care Conference, and his keynote speech was postponed for a few hours, so he made what was probably the best decision of his day and detoured for an eponymous, tasty snack. Eponymous because after his visit last time, The Melt named his order after him — the Vice Presidential special now consists of a classic grilled cheese melt with fresh tomato, tomato basil soup, and an all-natural chocolate shake. He skipped the soup this time, but maybe he just wasn’t as hungry.

If you spot Biden eating around town today, please do let us know here.

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The Melt

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