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Russian River Brewing Co.’s New Brewery Will Be State-of-the-Art

Plus, Pliny the Younger’s release draws near

Russian River Brewing’s Santa Rosa location

In an update on the state of Russian River Brewing Co.’s new Windsor brewery, the Chronicle reports that construction will soon begin on the 35,000 barrel brewhouse, tasting room, brewpub, and gift shop. That’s twice the Santa Rosa brewery’s current size, and part of the $30 million expansion plan that will hopefully relieve the congestion at the very popular downtown location.

The new brewery will use new and different technology from their original location. Here’s some of the updated equipment that will make this new brewery state-of-the-art:

  • The brewery will incorporate open-top fermentation tanks from Gresser, a German company. According to co-owner Natalie Cilurzo, Russian River will be only the third American brewery to use Gresser’s tanks, alongside Sierra Nevada. It’s a technique that allows yeast to create different complex flavors and aroma in an unrestrained environment; Russian River will use them for ales and lagers like Blind Pig and STS Pilsner.
  • Sour beers will get a boost from a new 12.5 square-foot “coolship,” a shallow fermentation vessel that allows wort to cool quickly, with exposure to yeast and bacteria in the air.
  • Sustainability is also a strong consideration: A Cambrian EcoVolt wastewater converter will convert carbon dioxide and electricity into methane fuel.

Currently the new brewery is slated for 2018, while groundbreaking will officially happen in March. In the meantime, prepare thyself for the 14th release of Pliny the Younger, the brewery’s cult favorite triple IPA that inspires long lines and intense excitement. This year’s release will run February 13- 16, with opportunities for consumption at SF Beer Week events, the Santa Rosa brewpub, and a few select locations around town.