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Halal Guys to Drop Chicken and Rice on SF Very Soon, and More A.M. Intel

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Five things to know today

The Halal Guys
Here comes the combo platter

Halal Guys opens first SF location January 27

The super popular NYC halal cart is finally opening its first SF location, bringing white and red sauces, and its beloved chicken and rice to Union Square. It’s the first in the city proper, though the South Bay already has a location, and another is planned for Berkeley. Here’s some of our exhaustive, past coverage on the Guys.

Bristol Farms will close its mediocre doors in the basement of Westfield Centre

The only mall grocery store (and location of Bristol Farms) in the area will close, according to its employees. The overpriced grocery store in the netherworld of the mall has had very low health scores in the past, reports Hoodline, whose tipster also said that the reason for closure is actually a rent increase of 25 percent. Employees say that the grocery will close on January 26; thankfully, Trader Joe’s will open sometime this year, replacing Bristol Farms with cookie butter and weird snacks galore.

Munchery continues the downward spiral of food tech

After Eater reported earlier this week that Zesty was the latest to serve up a round of layoffs, Munchery has recently laid off 30 of its own employees in order to “streamline its operations.” Recent reports have pegged the company as struggling with food waste, and profitability; a new CEO is now in charge of the situation, and is behind the layoffs, as well as the replacement of the company’s two founders. It’s a tough landscape for food tech startups right now, as investors grow cautious. Unsurprisingly, CEO James Beriker says the layoffs “don’t represent the direction and future potential of the company.” Stay tuned.

Let the Dungeness crab party commence

After a tumultuous season, the last chunk of Northern California’s commercial Dungeness crab fishing grounds will open next week. The area had been closed because of higher than normal levels of domoic acid; now the 50-mile stretch will open to crabbers on Friday at 8 a.m. The news follows the settlement of a crab fisher strike around the price per pound of their catch, which had a chokehold on the crab consumption of West Coast enthusiasts. Now, with all strikes and bans lifted, go forth and feast on crabs.

Little Griddle back on track in Mid-Market (hopefully)

The popular restaurant, which has been closed since May for a “quick remodel,” is still on track for opening, according to its owner. Fans have been skeptical, given the extended closure and lack of updates, not to mention Mid-Market’s tenuous restaurant scene. Though recent storms blew down the scaffolding, the extensive remodel is still underway and owner Phillip Ma hopes to reopen in a few months.