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Wise Sons’ Delivery Van Was Stolen, Now on the Loose

Have you seen this van?

Wise Son’s van
The van in question
Wise Sons/Instagram

Car break-ins and thefts are common in San Francisco, but this one is a little weird: The Wise Sons delivery van was stolen. Like, with a huge Wise Sons logo plastered on the side.

Owner Evan Bloom noticed the missing van around 1:45 p.m. today at the Ferry Building when the team went to pack up for the day (they serve bagels and sandwiches at the farmers market). It was parked in a separate lot for vendors, and was the only one missing. After confirming that it was not towed, Bloom filed a police report and is now on the hunt for a new van. “We have to figure something else out in the meantime. We can’t get to the farmers market without it,” he told Eater SF.

Bloom asks that if you see the van (pictured above, with the license plate 13706C1), to please email him at “I’m trying to be positive. I would assume something like this is going to turn up — our logo is all over it,” he said. “I don’t know who would be stupid enough to steal that. I don’t understand. Small business is hard enough.”