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Zeitgeist Protects Its Patio, Trader Joe’s Sets Opening Date, and More A.M. Intel

Four things to know today

The very sunny Zeitgeist patio
Jenny Q./Yelp

An update on Zeitgeist’s shadow problem

Late December brought news that beer garden Zeitgeist’s sunny patio is under threat by a development at 198 Valencia St. that could cast a literal shadow over the business. The bar filed a discretionary review with the city, which on Friday ordered Sternberg Benjamin Architects to do a third shadow analysis measuring how the building’s height (and lessening it) would impact the beer garden. The report will be presented on February 16, at which time a decision should be made, Hoodline reports.

Market Street Trader Joe’s is just months away

Mark March on your calendar if you’ve been looking forward to the Market Street Trader Joe’s. The San Francisco Examiner reports that’s when the beloved grocery will debut at 10 Fourth St. The store is now accepting applications.

The meal kit delivery market is allegedly booming

Despite a plethora of anecdotal evidence to the contrary (cough Munchery and Din, not to mention issues with Sprig, Zesty, Bento, and Spoonrocket cough), a new report found that the meal kit delivery market will double in the next few years to a value of $3 billion. The faith is in millennials. More here.

Sonoma pastry chef reps the U.S. in cooking competition

France is holding a fancy dessert competition in Lyon, and Jackson Family Wines’ pastry chef Robert Nieto is representing not only the Bay Area, but also the entire country. Called the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, the competition takes place every two years and Nieto will have to create multiple chocolate dishes, three frozen fruit desserts, 15 identical plated desserts, and creative sculptures in sugar, ice and chocolate, Bite Club Eats reports. No big deal. Stay tuned for how he, and the rest of the U.S. team, does.