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The French Laundry’s Makeover Will Soon Be Revealed

Meanwhile it’s closed until February 18

Rendering of the finished kitchen

After years of construction, The French Laundry’s complete overhaul is nearing completion. The project has been underway since the tail end of 2014, when it closed for kitchen renovations; since then it’s been operating out of a temporary kitchen composed of shipping containers, which chef Thomas Keller recently put up for sale. (No word on who, if anyone, purchased it.)

The timeline has been pushed multiple times, no doubt as the result of a team led by supreme perfectionists. But now, it looks like the kitchen is finally done and the temporary cooking space will get the boot, according to a celebratory Instagram story from Keller himself. Now that the kitchen is done the renovations will move on to the dining areas and courtyard of the restaurant. That means that the restaurant will close temporarily until Saturday, February 18; when it reopens, it’ll still be under construction, but with an end in sight.

Currently the project, which was designed by architecture firm SnØhetta (also behind the stunning new SFMOMA), is set for a “grand unveiling” in late spring/early summer. Stay tuned for more updates as the museum-quality restaurant nears completion. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Thomas Keller operating some heavy machinery:

It's been two years since the walls of our previous kitchen were last standing. #FBF #TFLKitchenRenovation #TheFuture

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