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Trick Dog Menu #9: The Mural Project

A massive street art project collides with booze

Rogelio Martinez
Photo: Sonya Yu

Trick Dog, the official madhatters of the SF cocktail world, have released their ninth biannual menu, the day after the bar and restaurant’s fourth birthday. The previous menu was “Trick Dog for President!,” and though a bar mascot sounds like as good a candidate as any, it’s time to move on.

The new menu is more than just a cocktail menu, however. This time it’s essentially a curated art show with cocktail pairings. To create the menu, Trick Dog gathered artists to create fourteen different public murals around San Francisco, including street artists like Vogue, Optimist and Jeremy Fish. The resulting murals have been photographed and made into a book (which doubles as the menu) and will be sold with all proceeds benefitting non-profits Precita Eyes and Creativity Explored. Artists Sam Flores and Ronnie Buders helped to curate the project.

And lest the cocktails go unnoticed, they are as creative as ever. Each is named after an accompanying artist; drinks like the Rogelio Martinez are composed of Aviation gin, papaya “som tam” liqueur, Ancho Verde, and mint (side note: it contains shrimp). Scroll through the entire list of drinks below, and behold combinations like sourdough and Sour Patch Kids. Are they as good as the intentions behind the menu? You’ll have to try it yourself to find out.

Trick Dog

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