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Dozens of Vineyard Workers Airlifted to Safety During Wine Country Fires

Three things to know this morning

Multiple fires sweep through Wine County

The three major fires burning across Napa and Sonoma Counties Sunday night have already burned tens of thousands of acres in the North Bay. Early Monday morning, the Chronicle reported “a number of Napa Valley wineries may have been burned” and a number of businesses across the valley have closed due to fire damage and mandatory overnight evacuations. While the fires are still ongoing and damage is still being assessed, in a separate report, the Chronicle’s Esther Mobley notes wineries are preparing for the worst and dozens of workers had to be airlifted out of Atlas Peak vineyards where they were picking overnight. Others, meanwhile, may still be in danger.

Napa Valley Wine Train collision

The popular low-speed railroad tour of Napa Valley hit a 40-foot long obstacle Sunday afternoon. According to the Chronicle, the Wine Train collided with a stretch limousine bus near V. Sattui Winery, just south of St. Helena. The limo apparently got stuck on the tracks and, although it was struck by the locomotive, no one was injured in the mishap.

Southern Pacific Brewing Company apologizes for far-right meetup

The popular Mission indoor/outdoor beer garden unknowingly hosted a group of about 20 or so members of the far-right group Proud Boys, Mission Local reports. Other patrons who were unhappy with open displays of bigotry in the bar took to Yelp to complain, which prompted the owners to issue an apology on Facebook, stating “the staff and security decided not to engage with this dangerous group to ensure the safety of everyone here. By no means does Southern Pacific support this group, and they are not welcome on the premises.”