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Sanrio’s Gudetama Character Is Lazing About at Cupertino’s Curry House

Commence cute overload

Gudetama atop keema curry at Curry House, Cupertino
Curry House/Instagram

Cute food alert: gudetama, the internet’s favorite lazy egg character, has been hanging out at Curry House in Cupertino. The small chain, which started in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo neighborhood in 1983, has partnered with Sanrio at all nine of its locations to showcase the charming little egg in a special multi-course meal package.

For diners who enjoy gazing into the eyes of their anthropomorphized food, the meal includes several egg-centric courses, including keema curry topped with an egg, a cup of corn soup, side salad, custard pudding, drink, and commemorative gudetama x Curry House beanie for $29. Collectible placements will also be available to take home.

The multi-course gudetama meal at Curry House, Cupertino

The promotion began in October and has been so popular that it’s been extended until January 20, 2018. Meanwhile the website states “Due to popular demand, there will be a limited number of Gudetama x Curry House meals sold each day on a first come, first served basis at all Curry House locations.”

This isn’t the first time Sanrio has dipped its toe into the world of food. The roving Hello Kitty truck, a brick-and-mortar Hello Kitty Café, and a collaboration between the cute-slinging company and LA’s Plan Check have all proved remarkably in-demand. Do cute things actually taste better? According to the droves of cute-addicted diners that drive demand, the answer is yes.

Not familiar with the lil guy? Check out Vox’s excellent explainer for a more detailed look at how the lazy yolk became popular in Japan and around the globe:

Curry House

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