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12 Days, 12 Themes at Meadowood’s Yearly Fine-Dining Extravaganza

The chefs are upping the ante after a year off

The Restaurant at Meadowood

After taking a year off to open his casual spinoff The Charter Oak, chef Christopher Kostow has brought back the 12 Days of Christmas to The Restaurant at Meadowood.

The yearly event, which takes place in the weeks leading up to Christmas, brings in chefs from all over the world to collaborate on menus with Kostow and his team. In the past, they’ve been straightforward collaborations between Kostow and his guest chefs. But this year, things are taking a different direction as each of the twelve guest chefs will adopt a theme.

“It came about when chef Sean Brock wanted to do a ‘low country meets California’ menu,” Kostow told Eater SF. “He’s one of the two or three people I’ve invited more than once [to 12 Days of Christmas]. I really respect how he cooks, how he communicates, how he supports his local foodways.”

Eric Werner, chef of Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico, has hatched an even more complicated — or simplified — theme: Cooking Unplugged. The chefs will cook in the kitchen over live fire only, without the use of electric appliances (with the exception of the lights, and hood, of course).

“It’s a little more intellectually engaging for us,” says Kostow. “I don’t know how much the guest will engage with it or understand it, but it’ll be really fun for us.” Some of the restaurants that are inherently similar to Meadowood, like The French Laundry, will double-down on those similarities in their themes. Thomas Keller, for example, is focusing on the Napa Valley and its produce — not exactly outside his wheelhouse, but an attractive option for the well-heeled guests that typically attend these events, where dinner runs $500 per person, and $725 for the chef’s counter. (Proceeds will benefit Saint Helena Preschool for All, Inc.)

“I hope the guests are willing to go with us on that journey and maybe have food that’s a little bit out there,” says Kostow. Australian chef Jock Zonfrillo, who serves dishes like kangaroo tendon with Tasmanian mountain pepper at his restaurant, has chosen the theme of “Indigenous Ingredients.” With this lineup, there should be plenty of opportunities to leave the comfort zone of California fine-dining. Some seats are still available via Tock.

Below, find the chefs and their themes:

Day 1 Theme: Wilds
Mark Lungaard (Kong Hans Kælder), Denmark

Day 2 Theme: California with an Indian accent
Manish Menhrotra (Indian Accent), India

Day 3 Theme: Orchard St meets Main St
Fabian von Hauske and Jeremiah Stone (Contra), New York

Day 4 Theme: A tale of Two Californias
Jeremy Fox (Rustic Canyon), Los Angeles

Day 5 Theme: Two Coasts
Benjamin Sukle (birch), Providence

Day 6 Theme: Low country pantry meets California Products
Sean Brock (Husk), Charleston

Day 7 Theme: France through the lens of Tokyo and California
Yoshi Takazawa (Aronia de Takazawa), Japan

Day 8 Theme: Napa Valley
Thomas Keller (The French Laundry), Yountville

Day 9 Theme: Cooking Unplugged
Eric Werner (Hartwood), Mexico

Day 10 Theme: Indigenous Ingredients
Jock Zonfrillo (Orana), Australia

Day 11 Theme: Two Seas, Two Gardens
Alexandre Couillon (La Marine), France

Day 12 Theme: The Next Generation
Christopher Kostow (The Restaurant at Meadowood), St. Helena

The Restaurant at Meadowood

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