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Una Pizza Napoletana Rumored to Open in NYC

What could it mean for SF’s own beloved location?

Una Pizza Napoletana Patricia Chang

Rumors are swirling in New York as news of a potential Una pizza Napoletana expansion has emerged. According to Eater NY, restaurateur Jeremiah Stone (Contra, Wildair) has filed a liquor license for a pizzeria with the corporate name of Una Pizza Napoletana, LLC and menu almost identical to that of SF’s restaurant from chef Anthony Mangieri.

Una Pizza Napoletana, which enjoys a coveted spot on the Essential 38, is known for Mangieri’s obsessive attention to detail, and almost militant simplicity. Within the stark walls of Mangieri’s pizza palace in an old garage in SoMa, there are no substitutions, no salads, and no questions. Still, the chef’s dedication to his craft draws pizza aficionados from all over the country to eat his pies, which earned him a cult following in New York before his jump to the West Coast in 2010.

According to the NYC application, the proposed menu for Stone’s pizzeria even includes the Apollonia (available only on Saturdays), specifically named for Mangieri’s daughter, and the Ilaria, named after his wife. While the license application does not list Mangieri as an owner, there’s no mistaking the similarities between the menus, and, ahem, the name.

So what does it mean for San Francisco if Mangieri returns to New York? Given the pizzaiolo’s hands-on approach, it would be difficult to imagine his involvement in a restaurant where he was not in the kitchen. If the New Jersey native returns to the East Coast, it could be curtains for one of San Francisco’s most popular destinations for perfectly chewy, charred Napoletana pizzas. Mangieri could not be reached for comment, so stay tuned for more details.

Una Pizza Napoletana

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