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Tadich Grill Sued by DC Spinoff Regarding Alleged Racism

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Tadich, grilled

Almost immediately after San Francisco’s oldest restaurant, Tadich Grill, expanded to DC, rumors surfaced that the restaurant’s owners, the Buich family, had ostracized one of their family members, Terry Upshaw, for marrying NFL Hall of Famer and former Oakland Raider Gene Upshaw, who is black. Relevant members of the family have since claimed the matter was personal and unrelated to race. Nevertheless, the company that acquired the rights to the Tadich Grill name to expand the brand are suing, alleging that the scandal caused the D.C. Tadich Grill to stumble, losing millions of dollars. They’re seeking $2.5 million for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation.

Contrada closing for renovations

Cow Hollow Tuscan-style restaurant Contrada, which opened in December 2016, will close for some kitchen renovations on Union Street starting Monday, November 13. When the restaurant returns, in about three weeks, it will sport a new wood-fire grill and a downstairs prep room and storage facility for chef Jason Tuley’s pasta and pizza dough.

Hawker Fare’s chef de cuisine opening his own Thai place

Supasit Puttikaew, chef de cuisine at SF’s Hawker Fare, has found an Oakland space for his own Thai and Laotian-style restaurant, which he’ll call Funky Elephant. It’s marching into the former Doughnut Dolly location sometime next year. Meanwhile, Hawker Fare founder James Syhabout is working on his own Oakland outpost, Hawking Bird, a chicken counter spinoff of Hawker Fare.

The Tee Off, Outer Richmond dive of choice, to close

The Tee Off, where reasonably-priced beer and extremely rich mac and cheese were par for the course, will close Saturday. An owner says the Outer Richmond dive bar and kitchen near the golf course/Legion of Honor wasn’t a sustainable business.

Bourbon Highway rolls into town

Walnut Creek is getting a little more country with the substitution of Bourbon Highway for Library on Main, which will close. Live country music and perhaps arcade games are in the future, along with “comfort food” and brown liquors. Bourbon Highway could be ready to ride by the end of the month.