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Una Pizza Napoletana Definitely Closing [UPDATED]

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It’s moving to New York

Former location of Una Pizza Napoletana at 210 11th St.
Caleb Pershan

Updated November 10: Chef Anthony Mangieri has confirmed to Eater that he will be taking his pizzeria back to New York. The San Francisco location will close late November, or early December.


Updated 11:43 PST: According to a tweet from SF Chron editor Paolo Lucchesi, Una Pizza Napoletana is open for pizza tonight, November 9. But, it’s still closing. No date has been set.


After some very solid rumors that Una Pizza Napoletana could be opening a location in New York, it’s now clear that it’s a move, not an expansion: The sign has been painted over, and the building is listed as for lease.

It’s a big pizza loss for San Francisco. While there are many excellent pizzaiolos in the Bay Area, chef/owner Anthony Mangieri’s simplistic style, and perfectly executed pies have earned a top spot amongst aficionados. Mangieri’s signature gruffness, the stark interior of his restaurant — formerly an auto body shop — and unwillingness to deviate from the menu have earned him a cult following.

The chef, who moved to SF from NYC in 2009 and opened Una Pizza Napoletana in 2010, has always drawn long lines for his pizzas as purists from around the country made their way to deep SoMa. Now fans of Mangieri’s perfectly spotted crust will have to travel to New York, where a liquor license application indicates that Una Pizza Napoletana, LLC and restaurateur Jeremiah Stone (Contra, Wildair) will open a restaurant on the Lower East Side.

Eater has reached out to Mangieri for comment; stay tuned.

Una Pizza Napoletana

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