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Dosa’s South Indian Flavors Still Reign Supreme on the Casual Menu of dosa by Dosa

Check out the menu before it opens on December 15

Samosas at dosa by Dosa
Patricia Chang

This week, owners Anjan and Emily Mitra of Dosa will open their third restaurant in Uptown Oakland, marking the duo’s first venture across the bay. The lowercase “d” in dosa by Dosa is no coincidence — it indicates the more casual, counter service nature of the Oakland restaurant, where an entirely new menu will debut on Friday, December 15.

The South Indian flavors for which Dosa is known will remain strong, but in a different format. At dosa by Dosa, the menu is divided into shorter categories like dosas, rice bowls (choose your base and protein), salads, “street wraps,” and shared plates — it’s a low-key version of Dosa’s two SF locations, where diners order fancier small plates like Miyagi oysters with lemon-chili sauce, versus dosa’s channa fried chicken, and naan.

The price point matches the vibes, too, delivering a less expensive version of the upscale SF restaurant, allowing a quicker experience (particularly for lunch patrons from nearby offices like Pandora). The most expensive dishes on the menu are the tamil lamb dosa or salad, clocking in at $13.95. Breakfast (served til 11 a.m.) will include grab-and-go items like masala chai and egg and cheese dosas (naan filled with scrambled eggs and fillings like saag paneer or turkey sausage).

There will be cocktails on the menu from veteran bar manager Nora Furst (Uma Casa, Belga). Indian spice is part of the appeal, including slushies made with cane juice, green curry leaf, and pineapple. The “Fenugreek Molecule” includes Scotch, sherry, fenugreek, maple, orange peel and gran classico, while the mustard old fashioned brings brown mustard bitters, jaggery, and bourbon together.

Check out the full menu below:

Starting December 15, the restaurant will open daily for breakfast from 8 a.m.- 11 a.m., lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.