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Alamo Drafthouse Has the Star Wars-Themed Menu You’re Looking For

The theater is going all-in on The Last Jedi

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Alamo Drafthouse’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi menu
Heather Leah Kennedy

With the latest installment of Star Wars premiering this week, theater chain Alamo Drafthouse is introducing a menu of specials tied to the film franchise for moviegoers to enjoy in the dark. The connections between these dishes and the Star Wars universe, which isn’t exactly known for lavishing screen time on shots of intergalactic cuisine, are somewhat loose: Menu items include “lava planet popcorn,” with spicy sun-dried tomato powder, jalapeno/wasabi/lime seasoning, and butter, and “roasted Nerf strips,” which are, mercifully, in fact marinated beef skewers.

The Austin-based Alamo, which revamped San Francisco’s vacant New Mission Theater in 2015 just in time to screen the Star Wars film The Force Awakens, is known for its dinner and drinks at the movies approach. With movie ticket sales declining in the age of streaming content, their business model has convinced more customers to head to the movie for food and drinks as well as the feature presentation, introducing a new way for theaters to make money in the process.

Alamo is also known for its limited-run theme menus cooked for certain films. When, for example, the theater screened The Big Sick last year, they served Pakistani food referenced in the movie, like biryani with extra potatoes. This time, it’s “scavenger stew” and the “supreme leader” shake with dark (side) chocolate, and so on. Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi premieres in theaters on Friday, December 15, 2017, and tickets to the SF Alamo screenings are here. Have a look a the whole menu below.

Alamo Drafthouse
Heather Leah Kennedy

Alamo Drafthouse

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