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Bay Area Chuck E. Cheese’s Test Delivery for Some Reason

The arcade and pizza parlor is delivering — but why?

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Get the door, it’s Chuck E. Cheese

Delivery is hot, hot, hot, so kids arcade and pizza parlor Chuck E. Cheese’s is experimenting in the Bay Area, partnering with Grubhub and DoorDash. The business, home of the OG pizza rat, will send customers pizza or other food along with a free gift with every order — a goody bag of puzzles, games, and toys ,or a plush doll. It’s not yet available as far north as San Francisco, and since food has always felt like an afterthought for Chuck E. Cheese, it’s pretty unclear how this experiment will end.

Crepevine on Church Street is closing next week

With its landlord set to double its rent — despite a number of vacancies on the Church Street business corridor — Crepevine will close on December 21. The affordably-priced crepe cafe and restaurant has operated for 18 years at this location, and is part of a sizable Bay Area chain. A second San Francisco location remains on Irving.

Save the Rainforest Cafe

A piece of the erstwhile Fisherman’s Wharf Rainforest Cafe, which closed suddenly in October, can be yours to preserve and treasure. Decorations like large paper mache parrots, monkeys, lizards, and more, are up for auction.

Brickhouse Café owners buy their building

The owners of SoMa’s Brickhouse Café will stay put at 426 Brannan Street after raising $100,000 to pay a deposit on the building. Their 20-year lease was up, and it seemed possible they might have to move, but Kim Kobasic and Fred Reeves are now settling in for the long haul, and will renovate the space over the holidays.