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Eater Editors’ Biggest Dining Grievances of 2017

Nit-picking our way out of this year


Welcome to Year in Eater 2017, Eater’s annual ritual of eulogizing the past 12 months. For 2017’s final week, Eater SF will be posting questions daily about San Francisco’s restaurant scene in the past year, with answers from those who know it best: Eater editors.

Today’s topic: What was your biggest dining grievance of 2017?

Carolyn Alburger, Eater Cities Director

That our country’s shithead in chief has been able to destabilize the bedrock of hard-working immigrant labor that keeps the restaurant industry going. [Bites tongue]

Hillary Dixler Canavan, Restaurant Editor, Eater National

Is it weird to say the lack of efficient public transportation? For as much money I spend on dining, I also spend a shocking amount on Lyft rides to and fro. It's too hard to get to the places!!!

Greg Morabito, Pop Culture Editor, Eater National

Too many throw-away fast casual places.

Caleb Pershan, Reporter

2017 was another year I didn’t eat at Saison.... the trend continues.

Rachel Levin, Eater SF Critic

Service. Food coming out in a rush, and no one clearing plates.

Ellen Fort, Eater SF Editor

That the people who work and run the restaurants in San Francisco have a hard time living there. And OMG enough with the poke places already. And finally, as is my annual tradition, I would like to complain about thimble-sized glasses for water that I must refill 100 times to quench my thirst.