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Eater Editors Share Predictions for 2018

What will the future of SF dining hold?

Everyone’s moving to LA these days

Welcome to Year in Eater 2017, Eater’s annual ritual of eulogizing the past 12 months. For 2017’s final week, Eater SF will be posting questions daily about San Francisco’s restaurant scene in the past year, with answers from those who know it best: Eater editors.

Today’s topic: What are the future headlines of 2018?

Hillary Dixler Canavan, Restaurant Editor, Eater National

I think we're going to see more expansions to Los Angeles, more counter-service, and more super expensive. The restaurants trying to open in that mid-tier space will continue to have their work cut out for them.

Greg Morabito, Pop Culture Editor, Eater National

Danny Meyer to Open Ferry Building Shake Shack; Coit Tower Expansion Imminent

Caleb Pershan, Reporter

More major coffee and brewery acquisitions seem possible. This year we saw Blue Bottle sold to Nestle and Anchor bought by Sapporo. That trend could continue as bigger food and beverage companies try to buy their ways into specialty markets.

Rachel Levin, Eater SF Critic

Depending on the economy, more closings than openings.

Ellen Fort, Eater SF Editor

More high-end restaurants will branch out with “casual” restaurants to reach more audiences (and support their fine dining restaurants). More chefs will flee to Los Angeles and areas beyond SF to find affordable housing. More chefs responsible for creating toxic cultures will be outed; possibly, one or more will hold themselves accountable and do more than “step away.”