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A Combination Bagel Shop and Creamery Is Opening in Dogpatch

Fresh butter, cream cheese, and wood-fired bagels are on the menu

Bagels and butter from Daily Driver
Daily Driver

Though the Bay Area has some good options San Francisco bagel situation has always been fraught by dissent from East Coast diehards. Now a new option is on the way to Dogpatch, in the form of Daily Driver, a combination bagel bakery and creamery.

Bagel fans will be able to see bagels, butter, and cream cheese as they’re crafted at the shop, then eat the freshly made goods on site. The shop, which will open at 2535 3rd Street (next to Smokestack at Magnolia Brewing) in 2018, is a collaboration between two couples of makers: David Jablons and Tamara Hicks (owners of Toluma Farms and Tomales Farmstead creamery) and Hadley and David Kreitz. Jablons and Hicks have fun their farm and creamery for 15 years in Tomales, but live in Potrero Hill, which is part of the impetus to bring rural cheesemaking to an urban setting.

Hadley Kreitz, who has been a cheesemaker and herdswoman at the farm for the past four years, says the collaboration was an organic one: her husband David Kreitz is an industrial designer who built the farm’s wood-fired oven and developed the bagel recipe, while she has perfected a European-style cultured butter, and cream cheese, using milk from Jersey cows at Marshall Home and Ranch. Jablons and Hicks will sell the six types of cheese sold on their farm at Daily Driver, as well.

“The bagels are more of New York style,” Hadley told Eater SF. “They’ve got a crunchy, crackly outside and a soft inside.” Boiled, then wood-fired, they’ll be available in standard flavors like everything, sesame, poppy, and plain.

And what’s with the name? David Kreitz and David Jablons are both gear-heads, with a love of old tractors and Fords according to Hadley. Daily driver is slang for “an object that is used as a standard, regularly, or on a daily basis.” “Your daily driver is what you go to every day, it’s your reliable car,” says Kreitz. “It’s what we want to be for the neighborhood, too.”

The lease has just been signed and construction will begin shortly, with an expected opening of early summer 2018. In the meantime, Kreitz and her partners are hoping to ramp up wholesale operations before the retail portion has been completed, with the possibility of catering and selling to local stores like Bi-Rite, Rainbow, and farmers markets.