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Mission Cocktail Bar From Lazy Bear Team, True Laurel, Opens December 22

The cocktail tasting menu is almost here

David Barzelay and Nicolas Torres

Just over a year after it was announced, the project from Lazy Bear chef-owner David Barzelay and head bartender Nicolas Torres, will finally debut with an opening date of December 22.

As previously reported, it’s a cocktail-focused bar and restaurant, taking over the former Tradesman space at 753 Alabama Street. During dinner hours, it’ll be more restaurant than bar, switching over to a cocktail scene later in the evening. The big idea, however, is the separate cocktail tasting bar with 8-10 seats. There, drinkers can taste through a series of five or so cocktails with food pairings created to match them; reservations for two (or more) seatings per night will be available.

Its getting very close ..follow us! @truelaurelsf #weouthere #nativeson #cocktails #scurdmoneydontmakemoney

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The 36-seat bar and dining room will be the stage for food like Dungeness crab fondue, and broiled oysters with lardo, all available a la carte. More examples of possible dishes include a rich pork bone soup with greens, country ham, noodles and egg yolk, and garlic fries tossed in a powder of alliums and served with a sour cream and onion inspired dip — most dishes are inspired by a version of comfort food.

Cocktails from Torres will lean heavily on produce and fresh ingredients, like the Late Bloomer made with fermented Black Kat pluots, fortified wine, and pisco moscatel, and the Stalk Market, with dry gin, Manzanilla, blanc vermouth, rhubarb pickling liquid, celery, and chamomile. It’s all about creating synergy between the kitchen and the bar, says Barzelay.

The interior itself is inspired by modern artists like Isamu Noguchi, Man Ray, and Irving Penn, designed by Barzelay, Torress and artist Nicholas Roberto. Barzelay says it will be unlike anywhere else in SF, with lots of custom elements, like an inlaid burled wood slab that composes much of the bar.

Stay tuned for more details on the space, and prepare that itchy trigger finger to secure a ticket via Tock, when they become available.