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US Marshals Evict Farina Pizzeria on Valencia

The second and final eviction for the chain

Farina Pizza/Yelp

The other shoe has dropped for the Farina restaurant group: Its second location, Farina Pizzeria, has been evicted after a legal dispute with its landlord at 700 Valencia Street (at the intersection of 18th Street). Farina’s first location, also on 18th Street, went dark this summer after bills went unpaid and following wage theft allegations from former workers.

Related to the first Farina, the City of San Francisco has been unable to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid back taxes and penalties from the restaurant. Eventually, state officials seized its liquor license to help pay off its debts.

Now, Mission Local reports that Farina Pizzeria was closed for good last week after two deputy US marshals evicted the restaurant. In February, a judge ruled the pizzeria had been in unlawful possession of the property since 2015, when its lease expired.

700 Valencia landlord John O’Connor is still seeking damages including unpaid rent — $360,00 was awarded by the judge — and legal fees in an ongoing case against Farina. In a countersuit eventually combined with the original suit Farina alleged that the restaurant hadn’t been properly granted the option to renew their lease, and may still appeal the ruling. An eviction notice has been placed on the door of Farina’s upstairs office, which it rented above the pizzeria space.

In an incident that appears unrelated, Farina Pizza was briefly closed by the Department of Public Health in October. It quickly reopened after apparently addressing hazards.