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Water Damage Temporarily Shutters Caffe Sociale

The staff hopes to re-open in mid-March
Jocelyn C./Yelp

In Presidio Heights, some “unforeseen water damage” has forced neighborhood seasonal Italian spot Caffe Sociale to shutter for the time being. According to a note from the staff, the restaurant hopes to dispatch with the repairs ASAP and re-open sometime in the middle of next month.

Due to unforeseen water damage that needs to be immediately repaired, Sociale will be closed until mid-March 2017. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to seeing you in the early spring. Respectfully, the entire Sociale staff.

A tipster from the neighborhood tells Eater that Sociale’s roof caved in Friday night and it would appear that the recent and relentless rains are to blame for the temporary closure. In the meantime, if you’re looking to book Sociale’s lovely back patio for you late-Spring/post-rainy season get-together, it sounds like GM David Nichol and company will happily take your reservation for a sunnier day.