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Hitachino Nest Beer’s First U.S. Restaurant Is Ready to Roll

San Francisco is the lucky recipient, starting very soon

Hitachino Beer & Wagyu/Facebook

Just in time for SF Beer Week, the first U.S. outpost of a Hitachino restaurant is almost ready to open. The cult favorite Japanese beer brand has a few restaurants and tasting rooms in Japan, but as of this month, San Francisco will be the only place in America to hold that title.

The restaurant, called Hitachino Beer & Wagyu, is a kappo-style spot, which is a new concept for the city. Similar to a tapas bar, the idea at Hitachino is to have a progressive, interactive meal. It’s less raucous than an izakaya, but more relaxed than a traditional sushi counter. The idea of kappo is to create a fully-balanced meal, with different ingredients and courses working together toward one memorable, complete experience using the five primary cooking techniques (grilling, steaming, frying, simmering, and raw preparations).

Chef Noriyuki Sugie is running the show when it comes to the food, bringing his experience with the brand in Japan as well as at the now-closed Nombe in the Mission. He’s been busy the past few months creating a menu with lots of wagyu, as the name suggests, as well as a jarred pickle section. The jars, full of snacks like pickles, braised meats, and meatballs, will be opened at the table and eaten cold.

The space, at 639 Post St., is 45 seats with an eight to ten seat bar (made from wood from a vintage sake press), and heavily pulls influence and furniture from Japan, naturally. When it’s fully open, hours will be Monday through Saturday from 4:30 p.m. to 12 p.m. Stay tuned for a look at the menu and space.

Update, 5:05 p.m.: An earlier version of this article stated that the restaurant would open Friday, February 10, but the opening date has not yet been set. It will be during Beer Week; check back for a definite date.

Hitachino Beer & Wagyu

639 Post St., San Francisco, CA 94109 Visit Website