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Trader Joe’s Boatload of Snacks Will Sail Into Downtown SF Soon

Cheap wine and snacks will arrive at 4th and market on February 16

Trader Joe’s will deliver its overabundance of snacky goods and cheap wine earlier than expected, by at least two weeks. It’s now set to open Thursday, February 16th at 8 a.m., answering the prayers of those downtown denizens bereft of food shopping options after the closure of the mediocre Bristol Farms grocery.

The store will be zany and festive like all others, but incorporating some “local flare,” according to a news release. Hand-painted murals referencing SF icons like cable cars and bridges will adorn the walls. Meanwhile, there’s no parking at all; the store will solely rely on foot traffic, public transportation, and the tears of downtown drivers for its business.

So get ready for all that TJ’s has to offer, people of SoMa. The new location will open daily from 8 a.m.- 9 p.m.

Below are some of Eater staff’s most beloved signature snacks. Tell us yours in the comments.

Trader Joe's

10 4th Street, San Francisco, CA