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Brace for Bonchon: the Popular Korean Fried Chicken Chain Is Headed to Berkeley

“Because it’s not just chicken, it’s Bonchon!”


Everybody remain calm: Bonchon, the New York-based Korean fried chicken chain, is officially opening a location in the heart of Berkeley, at 2050 Berkeley Way. It’ll be the fourth location in the Bay Area, but the closest option for San Franciscans craving the restaurant’s signature wings.

2050 Berkeley Way
Ellen Fort

Known for its fried wings, drums, and tenders with choice of sauce (soy garlic or spicy), the restaurant also offers small plates like takoyaki, bulgogi sliders, and kimchi pancakes, salads, and udon noodle soup. Main dishes are more traditionally Korean, including bibimbap, japchae, and bull dak (spicy chicken stir-fried with rice cakes). According to the application for a liquor license, there’ll also be beer.

The Berkeley franchise will join 212 locations around the world, with 52 of those located in the United States. In the Bay Area, KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) fans can find three other locations: Daly City, San Mateo and San Leandro.

Eater has reached out for more details on when the chain might open its doors. In the meantime, prepare for even more fried chicken options in the Bay Area.