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NYC’s Babu Ji Closes Amid a Wage Theft Lawsuit, and More A.M. Intel

Four things to know today

Babu Ji in NYC
Babu Ji in NYC
Daniel Krieger

NYC’s Babu Ji to close while facing a lawsuit

New Mission Indian hot spot Babu Ji first entered the U.S. and gained popularity domestically in New York City, but that location is now closing “for an indefinite period as its owners face their second wage theft and overtime lawsuit since the restaurant opened two years ago,” Eater NY reports. The first lawsuit, for wage theft, was settled in September 2016 for $95,000, and the second alleges threats of retaliation for filing a suit. You can read the incendiary allegations in full here.

Chinatown’s Empress of China may live again

A new owner has taken over the Empress of China building (838 Grant Ave.), which until 2014 was a popular Chinatown restaurant, and is looking into opening a restaurant again on the ground floor, with either office space or a hotel above, SF Gate reports. Predictably, there are plenty of people for and against the plan, which must be approved by the city. Read all the nitty gritty here.

A car drove into My Favorite Cafe in the Outer Richmond

You gotta see this one to believe it. A car drove into My Favorite Cafe at 2210 Clement Ave. on Tuesday afternoon, and there’s photographic evidence. The cafe is now closed for renovations, and it is unclear if anyone was hurt. Check out the photo on Richmond District Blog here.

MealPass changes name to Mealpal, scores $15 million in funding

MealPass, the ClassPass for weekday lunch, entered San Francisco back in June. Apparently it’s had some success, as it just secured $15 million in funding. It has also changed its name to MealPal. has all the details here.