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Sláinte Wants to Transport You to Ireland in Jack London Square

Irish breakfast, Guinness, and cozy pub fare are the focus

131 Broadway, Oakland

Oakland is about to receive an Irish pub in the form of Sláinte (pronounced slahn-cha, Gaelic for “good health, or cheers.”). It will join the Jack London Square drinking contingent at 131 Broadway, bringing traditional pub fare and drinks to the people as soon as April 1.

The team behind it is Irish-born chef Jackie Gallanagh and partner Jenny Schwarz (also partner and beverage director at Hopscotch). Gallanagh will lead the kitchen, bringing her family and friends’ recipes to Oakland, while Schwarz will put together the beverages.

The menu will be traditionally Irish, including an all-day traditional Irish breakfast featuring black and white pudding, Irish pork sausage, Irish bacon, eggs, and boxty (potato pancakes). Classics like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, and a soda bread plate with cheese and butter will also grace the menu, served until 10 p.m.

Drinks will obviously include a healthy selection of Irish beer, cider and whiskey, including Guinness, and Smithwick’s. Cocktails will lean classic, with drinks like Schwarz’s take on the boulevardier, the Red O’ with Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth, and ango bitters. A shamrock shake with Irish soft serve, creme de menthe, whiskey, and fernet will also be on hand.

Gallanagh, who is “Irish by birth, Oaklandish by choice,” hopes to create an Irish community in Oakland akin to that of San Francisco. Pints, darts, and stories told by the fire are part of the vision for the space, which will have armchairs and books by Irish poets and authors. Musicians will be welcome to bring along their acoustics instruments for a ceili, which is an impromptu sing-a-long and storytelling session. Meanwhile, sports fans can count on Irish and European games on the telly, as well as those of Oakland’s teams.

Starting April 1, the pub will open daily from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Stay tuned for more.

Jack London Square

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