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Locol’s West Oakland Bakery Will Open This Week

Prepare for bunzz and $1 cups of coffee


The Locol crew is about to unleash its newest undertaking on Oakland in the form of a bakery. It will be the second Oakland outpost serving the ambitious mission of Locol, by bringing high-quality affordable food to underserved populations.

The bakery and coffee shop is going into the former home of Tomm’s Bar-B-Q & Deli at 3446 Market St., offering a selection of baked goods, chili, pizza by the pie or slice, and salad. There’ll also be Locol’s signature agua fresca, $1 cup of coffee, and the cheapest green juice in town. See a sample of some of the bakery’s offerings below:

Meanwhile, the Oakland Locol just underwent a menu change, complete with burger upgrade, and the Tenderloin location is probably still happening. The chain continues to explore expansion in both the East Bay and SF markets as it executes the mission of chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson.

The bakery will open March 31; stay tuned for more updates.


2216 Broadway, oakland, ca