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Adriano Paganini’s Hayes Valley Restaurant Will Be His Version of Flour & Water

It’s called A Mano (by hand), and thus will have casual, affordable handmade pasta

Chef Freedom Rains and restaurateur Adriano Paganini
Chef Freedom Rains and restaurateur Adriano Paganini
Patricia Chang

San Francisco king restaurateur Adriano Paganini (Beretta, Lolinda, Super Duper) can’t stop, won’t stop opening restaurants. Next up is his previously under-wraps Hayes Valley project, which he has now revealed to be a handmade pasta restaurant called A Mano. What’s especially exciting about this one is that it will be Flour & Water-quality pasta, but at a lower price point.

“It’s crazy what has become of a simple plate of pasta with three ingredients that’s too small for $25,” Paganini told Eater SF. So instead Paganini will be charging around $15 for plates of pasta, in addition to some small plates and pizza. But unlike Beretta or Delarosa where the focus is pizza, here the top billing goes to handmade, semolina flour pasta. There’ll also beer, Italian wines, and cocktails focused on Italian liqueur, like Negronis and Americanos.

A Mano’s agnolotti dal plin
Agnolotti from A Mano
Patricia Chang

Back of the House chef Freedom Rains is the executive chef here, and he has created and will be executing the menu at the Italian restaurant. Rains created and opened Cow Hollow Belgian brasserie Belga, and has since been bouncing around Back of the House restaurants lending a hand. Now he’ll be focusing his time entirely on A Mano.

A Mano opens in early May. Stay tuned for more on the menu and space.

a Mano

450 Hayes Street, , CA 94102 (415) 506-7401 Visit Website