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Drink Wine with a Somm While You Get Your Nails Done at Bottlecoat

The wine/nail polish pop-up has found a permanent home


Say goodbye to drinking terrible wine with your manicure— sommelier Allegra Angelo has found a way to combine excellent, “no headache” wine with one of life’s pleasures via her permanent pop-up Bottlecoat at ZaZa nails (543 2nd Street). Angelo, who now works for an importer, is a seasoned sommelier who’s spent time in SF restaurants like AQ, and cut her teeth at chef Michelle Bernstein’s restaurants in Miami. (She’s also on the verge of becoming a Master Sommelier, pending her final examination in September.)

To combine her passions for wine and good grooming, Angelo started her Bottlecoat pop-up featuring winemakers, nail services, and snacks. (Tickets to her next event can be found here.) Following the success of her events, Angelo has curated a permanent wine list at Soma’s ZaZa Nail Spa, which will be available whenever the salon is open starting May 1. The list (see below) is a mashup of French and Italian wines from small family producers, priced affordably at $9-14 per glass. “These wines are served in some of the best restaurants in the country,” said Angelo. “I love the affordable luxury part of wine at restaurants and it's nice that someone can spend a little money on a mani-pedi, and have a nice getaway and stress free experience.”

Starting May 5, Angelo will host guided tastings every Friday, offering a flight of three wines for $15 from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. The focus is on classic wines, but Angelo says there could be cameos from local winemakers and brewers, and changes to the programming based on what’s interesting and available. There’ll also be some light snacks on hand.

No tickets are required for tastings, but reservations for manicures and pedicures are recommended.